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    da Matteo Hagabadet

    26th of October 2018, we opened our café in the venue of Hagabadet Spa. After a year of pandemic, that's been hard not only for us, but also for Hagabadet with our guests, members and regulars, we've been forced to come and think about what's next for us both.

    For us, it means that we want to focus on our future as a company, and how we can help grow and develop our other cafés. Hagabadet themselves are gonna take over the café area in their own regime, and keep on serving luxurious breakfasts and coffee. 

    We want to thank Hagabadet, all members and guests for an extremely fun and fulfilling time. An even greater thank you to all the staff and management att Hagabadet, whom - from our very first day - has made us feel at home there. 

    We're now closed. 


    Address: Kaponjärgatan 1, 413 02 Göteborg
    Phone number: +46 31 380 33 10