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    Since we began roasting coffee in 2007, we have had several different types of coffee bags. When we in 2012 looked over our entire graphic profile - which landed in our new logotype among many other things - we also developed a completely new bag where we decided shape and dimensions, as well as, of course, the design of it. In 2016, we continued the development of this bag and have taken it even further in its visual identity. Here is our designer Carl-Johan Skogh letting you know on his view on this packaging design and its link to da Matteo:

    "Over the years, da Matteo has constantly evolved and has been at the forefront in both Swedish and international coffee culture. Coffee is the core of the company and it is equally important that all communication is developed with the same spirit and quality as that product.

    The craftsmanship of the coffee also inspires its packaging: The new packaging is a mix of technological development and strong identity. The paper material stands for the natural raw material and the colored fronts shows a sleek accuracy. The symbol is divided into two where the whole is greater than the individual parts.

    da Matteo's new coffee packaging is visually strong and well adapted to the home as well as to the store shelf."