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    Aeropress coffee maker

    This coffee maker was invented in USA in 2005. It consists of two plastic cylinders where you put the ground coffee and the water into one of them, and then press it through a paper filter with the other one. The filter is extremely fine, which makes the ready coffee very clean. The brewing time is also very short, between 45 seconds to two minutes depending on desired flavors in the cup.

    Number of cups: 1
    Dosage of coffee: 14 grams
    Grand setting: Slightly finer than medium
    Dosage water: 23 cl / 230 grams
    Temperature fo water: 92 degrees celsius

    Here is how you do it

    Heat up the water. Put the paper filter in the brewer and pour some hot water over the filter to rinse it — it makes the paper flavor disappear. Grind the coffee and put it into the brewer which you have put on top of a steady cup or jug. Measure the water, either in cl in a jug beforehand or in grams during brewing. Gently pour the water on top of the coffee and then stir to make sure all coffee is covered. Place the other cylinder into the one with the coffee and let it rest for 45 seconds. Thereafter, carefully press the top cylinder down during 20 seconds until all the coffee has gone through the paper filter.