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    “From the very beginning, together with da Matteo, I have had two catchwords in mind: “craftsmanship” and “the personal meeting”. My philosophy is that the things “not yet fully completed” create a dynamic platform. Comparable to a roaster who will never be fully trained, to me, there is no definitive shape. We can all become parts of this creative process. 

    Our starting point is the uniqueness in every location in terms of spatiality, quality, history and activity. One part of our “philosophy” is to create natural meeting places by recognizing new and contemporary environments. We are aiming for the visitor to feel at home, and still experience something new. You then create confidence and excitement at the same time.

    While at the same time designing unique furniture and interior fittings, much of the work is about preserving and strengthening the already existing features in the premises that we decorate. Throughout the years I have worked with logotypes, furnishings, furniture, packages, websites and the development of ideas. da Matteo is not about the separate details though, but rather about an entire concept. Every component contributes to the observer’s experience as a whole.

    My wish for you is to find something to call your own at da Matteo and that you will be involved in developing it further.”

    Carl-Johan Skogh
    MFA Industrial Design
    Director of studies Child Culture Design
    HDK, School of Design and Crafts