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    da Matteo Bakery

    We bake our bread with sourdough in a stone oven. Sourdough is a live element that will act differently from day to day. That´s why the bread sometimes looks different and even tastes different. But this is the craft of it - the interaction between the flour, water, sourdough, temperature and the baker. All of this just to get a little closer to the perfect bread.

    To bake sourdough bread takes time. When we start the sourdough, the maturation process takes from seven to ten days. We keep this sourdough starter alive by feeding it with water and flour. After we have made the dough, we cold ferment it for at least one day. A slow fermentation like this enables the dough to develop more flavor. We bake everything by hand. Loaves of bread are then baked in our stone oven where they get the characteristic crunchy crust.

    We have an open bakery with visible production where you can watch our bakers in action.