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    da Matteo Hario V60

    The japanese company Hario has taken the classic Melitta ceramic brewer to a new level — by creating this brewer in glas, metal, plastic and ceramic in several different sizes and colors. Both the cone shape, size of the hole and the structure of the interior adds up to the quality of the brewing. You brew your coffee through a paper filter straight into your cup or a small jug.

    Number of cups: 1
    Dosage of coffee: 15 grams
    Grind setting: Medium
    Dosage of water: 25cl / 250 grams
    Temperature of water: 95 degrees celsius


    Here is how you do it

    Heat up the water. Put the paper filter in the brewer and pour some hot water over the filter to rinse it — it makes the paper flavor disappear. Empty the jug or cup you are brewing into of this water. Grind the coffee and put it into the filter. Measure the water, either in cl in a jug beforehand or in grams during brewing. Start by covering all the coffee with a little bit of water to let it «bloom». Let it rest for 30 seconds and then keep pouring the full amount of water slowly during 1,5 minute. Let it cool down slightly before you drink it — this way you´ll experience the flavours even more intense.