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     da Matteo

    “Our first café, Café Java, opened in 1993, at Vasagatan. Two years later we opened Caffé Espresso in Victoriapassagen, which, back then, was a rough area in the central parts of Gothenburg. We started off in a tiny space, and back then, we were the first to serve espresso and latte to the residents of Gothenburg. A few years later we sold the café and moved to Italy for a couple of years. After having returned to Sweden, I worked as a consultant in the café industry, but I felt that I was missing the real café management.

    In 2003, we opened da Matteo at Marstrand, in the same house in which my family and I lived. “da Matteo” means ‘at Matteo’ in Italian. da Matteo was born and this year, I once again took over the café in Victoriapassagen and named it da Matteo as well.

    From the very beginning, in 2003, at Marstrand, I had a dream of roasting my own coffee. I wanted to create a new expression – a mixture between the Italian and the Nordic coffee shop. I had the urge, but had to wait another four years before my dream came true. That same year was the last one before our café at Marstrand shut down. 

    In July 2007, da Matteo Vallgatan, café and coffee roastery, saw the light of day at Vallgatan 5, in Gothenburg. Suddenly we had to take care of a whole new product and a whole new way of working – business to business. The product demanded that we learned all about purchasing, roasting profiles, tasting profiles and what kind of products that were fit for the market.

    During a few years, I also had a longing for baking my own bread. In 2008 and 2009, a market for quality bread was on the rise in Stockholm, and I felt that the time had come for a similar concept in Gothenburg. In April 2010, we had the opportunity to take over a lovely space at Magasinsgatan 17A, next-door to Vallgatan 5. This is where we gathered our new coffee roastery, sourdough bakery and café. We had now established production in the heart of Gothenburg, with open coffee and baking production areas, simply, a space where we can prove our craftsmanship.

    Through further expansion and by introducing more customers to the great tastes of coffee and bread, we want to continue to play an important role in the Swedish coffee, bread and café markets. 

    Welcome to join our journey.”

    Matts Johansson, founder da Matteo