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    da Matteo Victoriapassagen

    Our original unit is wedged in Victoriapassagen in Gothenburg. This is where we started our coffee journey in 1995. Development has gone from strong southern Italian espresso blends to eventually land in the specialty coffee culture with our own roasted, traceable coffee.

    Quality and craftsmanship is our main focus, but without good service and friendly staff, no cup will taste good - the meeting between the barista and the guest is supposed to be valuable and rewarding for both parties.

    The menu features lighter food and delicious pastries - and of course, all the coffee we have to offer including filter coffee brewed by the cup.

    The atmosphere in Victoriapassagen is in the walls - a nice mix of rawness and sharpness mixed with finesse and sophistication. It is a natural meeting place where a single espresso or cinnamon bun bring different people together. This is the place to take a break, to have a chat with your barista or table neighbor and watch the time pass by in the historic Victoriapassagen.

    Address: Södra Larmgatan 14, 411 16 Göteborg
    Phone number: +46-31-380 33 10