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    We have finally opened up a venue on Hisingen!

    For a long time, and after years of planning, we finally found our place in Geelys Innovation Centre right in the center of Lindholmen, a true heart of Hisingen. With easy access - bus 16 or the ferry from Stenpiren - it becomes a lovely meeting point for companies and people around the city. 

    Together with our lovely in-house designer Carl-Johan we've created this rough, down to earth, easygoing café with lots of daylight through its big windows, and comfy seating. 

    We're currently open Monday - Friday, with closed weekends.


    Soppa: Syrlig morot och sellerisoppa

    Soppa: Brysselkålssoppa

    Soppa: Ratatouille 

    Soppa: Grönkålssoppa

    Soppa: Klassisk rotfruktssoppa

    Med reservation för att vissa avvikelser kan förekomma.


    Address: Lindholmsallén 8A, 417 55 Hisingen
    Phone number: +46 31-380 33 10